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how to choose the location?

Choose from one of our suggested locations shown on the map, or email us to collaborate on a special place. All the locations on the map come with a description and photos so make sure you choose the right one depending on your needs.



- If you have a different location in mind, please send that over with your inquiry. We will do our best to accommodate your location request, however it might be difficult to do so when dealing with rough terrain: sand, trails, steep slopes, etc. We may not be able to get our equipment to the requested area.

- If you choose a location that is not safe (side of the road, next to emergency exits, on cliffs e.t.c.) then we have the right to deny service. 

- We can accommodate a picnic anywhere around the south part of the island. You want a picnic in Limassol? No problem! Maybe at a beach in Ayia Napa? Done! Paphos has some amazing sunset viewpoints as well! No matter the place, we can come to you.


- We also ask that locations are no further than 30 metres from vehicle access so we can carry our heavy equipment to the location. There will be additional costs if there isn’t close vehicle access OR we might deny service.


- Keep in mind that The Picnic Tribe headquarters are located in Nicosia so we do charge a travel fee for picnics outside of central Nicosia. That cost is included in your final quote. 

- We will not proceed with any bookings if we do not  first approve the location of your choice . If you require a house picnic we will need photos/videos of the location (same for indoor or outdoor house picnics), the parking space that will be available for our crew, and a video from the parking space to the picnic location. We want to make sure that everything will go smoothly since we might won't be able to visit the location before the day of your picnic. If the location is somewhere in the nature and there are no photos of the above available, then we will need to visit the location to approve it. In this case we will charge a scout fee. 

- We advise you to avoid busy organised beaches especially between June-October since they are filled with umbrellas, tents and people and there is no place for us to set up especially if the beach is small. 


- If your preferred beach location is in front of a hotel then we will need to get a permit which is not always granted and sometimes it is paid.


- We can not set up on beaches where there is no vehicle access. 

We can setup in most public places like parks and beaches, or even at your balcony or backyard as long as the location followes these guidelines. 

Suggested Locations

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